About us

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Le Groupe Media Tech Plus Inc.  (GMTP) is a One Stop boutique that provides you with effective marketing and creative services designed to make your business grow bigger, faster and smarter.
GMTP was founded in 1995 in the beautiful Laurentians, and specializes in advertising through various means. We’ve completed many successful projects and have established an excellent reputation specializing and producing professional guest service directories which meet hotel property specifications or brand standards.
GMTP’s friendly staff is always available to help better serve our clients needs. 

Here are some of our other services...

When it comes to your business, the first impression is everything. Whether your company is big or small, your image is crucial to your success. Le Groupe Media Tech Plus Inc. will offer you a creative design team that understands how important your image is.
How are your products or services perceived by your customers? Their first impression will determine whether your customers choose you…or your competition. Le Groupe Media Tech Plus Inc. will help to create designs that get attention, and convince your customers that your products are better than your competitors.
Our design services (including web designs) are competitive without compromising quality.
We have long-established relationships with a diverse range of print specialists and production suppliers. These relationships provide us with pre-negotiated volume based discounts that enable us to pass on the savings directly to our clients. It’s just one more way that we can help you achieve your goals that much faster.